Do you Want to cure IBS Permanently? here is solution

How to cure IBS permanently? is a common question from the patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Yes! Here is the catch, you can cure IBS Permanently. Do you know Diabetes is more death-dealing disease than Irritable Bowel Syndrome? But Patients of Diabetes spend a quality life. How do they spend a quality life? Yes, they spend quality life with some precautions and certain lifestyle changing. So, we are going to tell you the magic for IBS cure Permanently. You will have to follow the simple steps for 3 months only, I assure you will get a quality life. Just adapt some precautions in foods, and change your habits of daily life and enjoy your life. Let’s start the magical tricks, here you go.  

Healthy Eating for IBS:

There are several precautions for the patient of IBS like;

  • Avoid High FODMAPs: High FODMAPs like Garlic, Onion, Chocolate, Milk, and Alcohol don’t use to spend a happy life without IBS.
  • Low FODMAPs: Try to increase low FODMAPs in your food. Low FODMAPs are several fruits like Grapes and Certain vegetables.
  • High Fiber: Take high fiber in your food. Broccoli, Peas, Black Beans are the best example of high fiber food. (Before Taking high Fiber Food please consult with your Physician, because  it has different result on different Cases)
  • Green Tea: Green Tea is a blessing for stomach for IBS patients. Make a habit of 1 or 2 cups of Green Tea in a day.
  • Ginger TeaGinger Tea helps to speed up your digestion. Moreover, it helps to alleviate the effects of constipation.
  • Plenty of water: Water is the greatest blessing of God. You should make a habit to drink more water in a day. It will help you to maintain your bowel movement.

Ways to avoid Triggers of IBS

Triggers of IBS may vary from person to person. But it can be avoided by a little care. Thanks to Dr. Gregg J. Taylor who have told different ways to identify main triggers of IBS. These ways are mentioning below.

  • Make a diary: It is a very easy technique to trace the main impetus of IBS attack. You just start to write a diary about your food. Whatever you eat, you will have to write It in your diary. Just stop to eating that food, after that you faced the sever attack of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
  • York Test: Don’t stop to eat anything before York Test. Often, we stop to eat our most favorite dish that dish has no negative effects on our health. First, you should diagnose your disease properly then you should start your regimen.
  • Low and high FODMAP: Simply follow the chart of low and high FODMAP after following the above-mentioned steps.
  • IBS Drinks: After taking care in foods, you should also take care in your drinks. Carbonated drinks are the main cause of bloating. Excessive use of Alcohol is also dangerous.

Lifestyle Changes for IBS:

Problems in the digestive system (IBS) can be resolved by several lifestyle changes;

Regular Exercise

To maintain a balanced digestive system, regular exercise is essential. In the exercise, you can go for a morning walk with some sort of music which you like the most. Furthermore, cycling, running, and swimming is also beneficial for health. So, do morning walk daily, you will feel a size-able reduction in IBS symptoms.

How to cure IBS
Stress-free environment

Stress and IBS have deep relations. If you have succeeded to create a stress-free environment, you can control and cure IBS to some extent. 
Here i will tell you a trick to reduce the stress from your office work. 
1- Spend more time with your Family Daily

2- Try to watch 2 funny movies in a week

3- Take Rest from routine work for one day in a week 


IBS cure by Yoga is possible by calm down yourself and by attaining peace of mind. Spiritual and physical exercise is called Yoga. Yoga will help you to reduce stress of you mind as well as relax your disturbed gut. 

Allopathic Medicine for IBS

Following Allopathic medicines are useful for IBS. Don’t make a habit to take following medicine daily. Just take these medicine in severe cases otherwise try to avoid. 

Docusate: It softens the stool and helps to relieve IBS-C. It is used as a first method to relieve constipation.

Senna (Sennosides): It is produced by Senna Plant. It helps to relax large intestine and supports the regular movement of bowel.

Avomine: This Drug is very useful to treat Diarrhea. Moreover, it is one of the treatment of IBS-D

Loperamide: Another medicine to prevent sudden diarrhea. If you are facing a severe IBS attack, try to use it. Moreover, don’t use it if the age of patient is less than 6 years.

Ciprofloxacin: Most common antibiotic for a disturbed gut. It is usually used for bacterial infection.


All above suggestions have excellent results in common. Most of the people have tried above steps and they have got the desired results. Just follow these steps and make your life easy. But consult with your physician before taking any medicine. We care our readers you should do also. Stay Blessed.

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