how to relief ibs pain – A complete guide

A patient of IBS faces the most prevalent symptom of Irritable Bowel Syndrome -Abdominal Pain.Moreover, IBS Chest pain, and back pain in IBS are also frequent in most cases. It is a type of visceral pain. According to The International Association for Study of Pain

“Persistent pain, which can be either continuous or recurrent, of sufficient duration and intensity to adversely affect a patient’s well-being, level of function and quality of life”

How IBS pain feels

A patient with Irritable Bowel Syndrome might feel abdominal pain in several forms like

  • Stabbing
  • Stitch or Pang
  • Cramping
  • Pain when belly is touched

IBS pain Location

    • Below Belly Button, it can be traced.
    • Under left rib of a patient, chances of cramping are high.
    • IBS Chest Pain.
    • Lower back pain is also frequent in IBS.
    • Most commonly, stabbing in the abdomen can occur anywhere.

IBS Chest Pain

IBS Chest pain is most confusing and scary pain because diagnosis of it is very difficult. It is similar to Cardiac pain which is most dangerous in various diseases. 

IBS Chest Pain location

  • IBS Chest Pain Left side: It is most scary because it is very similar to cardiac pain and create a tension which worsens the IBS attack more.
  • IBS Chest Pain Right side: It is not considered dangerous. Because this pain is supposed a muscular pain.

 Here we are trying to differentiate the IBS chest pain and Cardiac Pain;

IBS Chest Pain and Cardiac Pain

Differences of both pains are following;

IBS Chest Pain
  • May be or not Sweating
  • Normal Pulse rate (Tachycardia)
  • Normal Breathing
  • IBS Chest pain moves randomly
  • Pain in chest may be a muscular or ribs pain due to IBS
Cardiac Chest Pain
  • Sweatiness increases
  • Shortness of Breath
  • High pulse rate
  • Cardiac chest pain moves from chest to neck and then left arm.
How to cure Ibs in one day


Causes of this type of suffering can vary from person to person.

    • Constipation is one reason for it in C-IBS disease.
    • Diarrhea is also a cause of aabdominal pain in D-IBS disease.
    • Fatty and oily foods can become a reason for suffering in the belly.
    • Overgrowth of Bacteria in Bowel.


IBS pain can be treated as many ways at home as well as herbal methods are also beneficial for it

Home Remedies

Home remedies are nothing but several precautions to avoid pain. By implementing these following precaution a patient can prevent the severity of it.

  • Dieting Plan: Scheduled diet is essential for controlling the pain of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
  • Exercise: There is no alternative to regular exercise and morning walk for abdominal pain.
  • Anti-Depression work: A patient with abdominal pain should try to reduce his/her work burden and stress. This would help to reduce stomach suffering and maintain the life in a good manner.

Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies are also valuable for IBS Pain. Some of following remedies can be tried

  • Green Tea and Herbal Tea: Green tea and herbal tea are the best solutions of the disturbed stomach. Green Tea is useful for constipation.
  • Silicol gel: Silicol gel can be used for gas and bloating troublesome.

Treatment of IBS Pain through Medication

If the severity of pain due to Irritable Bowel Syndrome is very high, a patient should consult with a doctor. Furthermore, history of pain and sound knowledge of other symptoms of IBS are helpful for a doctor to prescribe a medicine.

Dicyclomine Hydro Chloric is a drug for the cure of Irritable Bowel Syndrome spasm which is very utile and useful in pain.

Do you need to meet with your Doctor?

If answers to the following question are “yes”, you should visit a doctor.

  • Is your belly too hard?
  • Are you facing the problem of bloody diarrhea?
  • Are you facing the vomiting with blood?

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