What Are Symptoms and causes of IBS attack ? (A complete Guide)

It is a shocking news for me that I have been suffering from IBS Attack  for 6 days’. Everything I ate (which I should not eat to maintain my stomach), became a trouble for me. I could not leave my house because I had to run to washroom again and again. It was an IBS-D Attack.  IBS Attack is a worse form of Irritable Bowel Syndrome for a period of time.

How long does an IBS Attack last?

Duration of attack changes from person to person and time to time. Irritable Bowel Syndrome attack at work worsens the situation more. It is more embarrassing than anything else. Usually, IBS Attack exists 4 to 5 days’ in a month.

What does an IBS Attack Feel Like?

Attack of Irritable Bowel Syndrome can ruin and embarrass a patient during following positions

  1. It worsens the situation at a workplace. The attack on workplace disturbs work and life of a patient awkwardly.
  2. Sleepless nights are also the product of it.
  3. Due to sleepless nights, anxiety and depression add fuel to the fire
  4. Stool with Mucus is also irritating thing of it.


Symptoms of Attack

IBS Attack have several symptoms which are going to mention

  • Frequent and Irregular Stools
  • More Stress and Depression
  • More weakness
  • Exhausting and Tiredness
  • Sweating more than normal
  • Severe cramping and crippling

How to Stop an IBS Attack?

Only a wearer knows where the shoe pinches, similarly, the patient of Irritable bowel syndrome knows the severity of the attack. To Cure  IBS Attack following home remedies are very useful

Home Remedies

  • Hot Water Bottle: By applying heat on the abdomen with the help of hot water bottle, the severity of Attack can reduce.
  • Yoga and Exercises: Taking deep breaths and relaxing through yoga are also beneficial during the attack.
  • Green Tea: Green Tea is a great medicine for Irritable Bowel Syndrome as well as for stomach. Similarly, Ginger Tea can control constipation.
  • Diary for Symptoms: A diary for symptoms of the attack can be used to jot down the food routine. Moreover, other symptoms in males can be written on dairy. It will help to make a schedule of foods and triggers of Attack can be prevented through writing a diary.
  • Working Environment: To reduce the impacts of IBS Attack, working environment should develop in such a way that reduces the stress and depression of patient.
  • Medication: Only an expert Doctor can control impacts of Attack efficiently. To enjoy the life with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, prescribed medicines of a Doctor should be used.

What to eat with IBS Attack?

Food: An important question which comes to the mind of a patient is that What to eat after Attack? The answer to this question is very simple, try to eat the food of low FODMAPs like hominy and broccoli.

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